Signature Skincare with Intraceuticals

Choose our Intraceuticals Oxygen facial for dramatic results.
Infuses extraordinary hydration and premiere ingredients to
instantly redensify, resculpt and resurface the skin with an
all-inclusive range of options to target your unique skin type.

Rejuvenate | 60 min $225 | 90 min $275 (includes Atoxelene)
Bathe the skin with pure hydration, vitamins, antioxidants and
green tea extract to quench dehydration and promote cellular
renewal. Skin apears more firm and lifted with a noticeable
softening of fine lines.

Opulence Brightening |60 min $225 | 90 min $275 (includes Atoxelene)
Botanical brighteners and concentrated Vitamin C help balance
uneven skin tone, lighten unwanted pigmentation, and leave skin
luminous and ‘lit from within.’

For your convenience all charges will be billed to the room with the
addition of 20% gratuity added for all in room services.

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